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Responsibility to repair and or replace windows and doors

Category General

In this article, I will address the financial responsibility for maintenance of the windows and doors (including garage doors).

Sectional Title Scheme Levies

Category General

What can be included in levy statements in sectional title schemes?

To pay or not to pay

Category General

Are you allowed to withhold contributions?

The Chairman

Category General

King of the castle or just another knight at the round table?

The Community Schemes Ombud Service and disputes

Category General

In this post we we will take a look at how the Community Schemes Ombud Service defines disputes in community schemes.


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What you need to know

ANGOR Celebrates 20 Years of Growth

Category General

In the next few years, ANGOR Property Specialists intends to add several thousand more units to its existing 45,000 under management.

11 Actions trustees can approve in sectional title

Category General

The list of actions that the trustees are entitled to consent to has been reduced to eleven actions.

How to extend your section

Category Tips & Advice

These are the steps that must be followed, by the owner, in order to extend their section...

Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

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A few questions answered


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