Landlord Services

Focus Complexes

Our agents work in and around these complexes. If you are thinking of letting your investment unit, please complete the form on the right.


  • Bavitana
  • Honey Comb
  • Chancliff Ridge
  • Honey Crest
  • Charis Place
  • Honey Grove
  • Eland’s Rock - Berg Buford
  • Honey Heights
  • Eland’s Rock – Cane Creek
  • Honey Suckle
  • Eland’s Rock – Desatoya Peak
  • Honeypot Ridge
  • Eland’s Rock – El Capitan
  • Kingfisher Mews
  • Eland’s Rock – Fortress Dyke
  • Los Alamos
  • Eland’s Rock – Gables Creek
  • Meredale Mansions
  • Eland’s Rock – Hawkes Nest
  • Ravensrock
  • Eland’s Rock – Mount Agmar
  • Reeds View
  • Florida Heights
  • Robins Nest
  • Honey Badger
  • Rosewood
  • Honey Bee Villas
  • Ruimsig Palms
  • Honey Bush
  • Stables at Candlewoods
  • Honey Close
  • Villa Mia


Non-Managed Rental

Townhouse Warehouse will advertise the Landlord's property on multiple property websites and in Caxton Newspapers.

Prospective tenants will be accompanied to a viewing of the property.

Prospective tenants will be fully vetted to ensure that you are provided with the best qualified and most suitable tenant for your property.

Townhouse Warehouse will collect the deposit and first month's rent on behalf of the Landlord. The balance of the deposit and first month's rent, less the rental commission (finder’s fee), will be paid to the Landlord. 

Once the deposit has been paid to the Landlord, all future dealing will be directly between Landlord and Tenant.

Managed Rental:

The same process of sourcing and qualifying a suitable tenant is followed, with the collection of deposit and initial rental as per a Non-Managed Rental. Thereafter, Townhouse Warehouse will be the intermediary between Landlord and Tenant and Townhouse Warehouse will hold the deposit on behalf of the Landlord.

On a monthly basis, Townhouse Warehouse will charge a Rental Amount and Electricity Consumption Fee to the tenant.  On approximately the 25th of each month the tenant will receive a system generated SMS notifying them of the amount due on the 1st of the following month.

Statements will be dispatched to the tenant before the first day of each month via automated e-mail or fax and will reflect amounts due to Townhouse Warehouse for monthly rent and electricity consumption charges. 

Once payment is received and prior to 7th monthly, Townhouse Warehouse will pay the electricity authority and transfer the balance of the rent, less the management fee, to the Landlord.

In the event of a non-paying tenant, Townhouse Warehouse will follow a process to collect the outstanding monies owed.

Townhouse Warehouse will manage the key handover process when a new tenant takes occupation of a rental unit.  Our Agents will provide the tenant with inspection forms prior to occupation and will perform entrance and exit inspections with the tenant where possible.  This allows us to ensure the unit has not been damaged during the tenant’s stay. If damage is present, Townhouse Warehouse will obtain quotes to repair the damage, the costs for which will be deducted from the Tenant's deposit prior to refund.

Townhouse Warehouse will charge the Landlord a Finders Fee for vetting and placing a Tenant and a monthly administration fee and service charge.


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